Employment Lawyers Near Me

When it comes to certain parts of workplace equality, some things are law. So, when you need to stand up to illegal acts at work, don’t search for “employment lawyers near me”. Call FitzPatrick and Associates, LLC! We are a well-respected law firm in Maryland, Northern Virginia, District of Columbia and New York areas. Mr. FitzPatrick has over 22 years of experience in employment law serving clients in cases against companies of all sizes. As a result, he has served clients as a workplace retaliation lawyer and wrongful termination attorney.  In addition, he has also served as a sexual harassment lawyer and a workplace harassment lawyer. For example, he has experience with the following types of employment law cases

  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace retaliation
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Racial discrimination claims
  • Gender discrimination claims
  • Age discrimination claims
  • Workplace harassment
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Retaliation Claims
  • Family and medical leave and more!

So, when you are looking for an employment lawyer near you in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, District of Columbia and New York areas call us today!

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Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Have you faced sexual harassment at your job? You can find the defense you need at FitzPatrick and Associates, LLC. Our sexual harassment lawyers have the training and skills to help you stand up to sexual harassment. So, what is sexual harassment by law? Law states that sexual harassment doesn’t always include two members of the opposite sex. Federal law states that sexual harassment can occur between any two people of any sex. Acts considered sexual harassment are:

  • Improper jokes about sex or gender
  • Physical advances that aren’t wanted
  • Constant flirting with a coworker
  • Sending and sharing vulgar images
  • Power figures using sexual favors in exchange for benefits like promotions or raises

Our sexual harassment lawyers are here to help you protect your money, job, rights, and name. Call us today and stand up to sexual harassment!

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Wrongful Termination Attorney

Do you think you were fired for a reason that breaks employment laws like discrimination or sexual harassment? As a result, you might need a wrongful termination attorney. So, when you have concerns like these don’t wait to call the employment lawyers near you. Call FitzPatrick and Associates, LLC today. Our wrongful termination attorneys are here to help you! We will fight without end for our client’s rights. Above all else, we want to get full benefits for wages lost. On the other hand, if you want your job back, we with that as well. For a wrongful termination attorney that puts your interests first, call us today!

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Workplace Harassment Lawyers

Because how time you spend at work every day, workplace harassment can be big stress at work. Because of this, federal and state laws exist to protect you and give help when you need it. For instance, things that are considered in the range of workplace harassment are:

  • Speaking badly of someone based on their race, gender, religious beliefs, sexuality, disability, etc.
  • Verbal threats
  • Physical assault
  • Bullying
  • Slurs and jokes
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful Discharge
  • Disturbing workplace productivity
  • Displays of offensive photos, materials, or objects
  • Quid pro quo, and more

Workplace harassment puts your livelihood at real risk. For example, it can keep you from caring for your family. So, if you’ve faced illegal treatment at work and are searching for “employment lawyers near me” call our workplace harassment lawyers today. Our workplace harassment lawyers have the training and skills to help you fight for your rights. Speak out against workplace harassment today with the help of our lawyers!


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Workplace Retaliation Lawyers

Standing up against the illegal conduct of a boss or coworker is hard. Even more so, when employees fear penalties. It is illegal for an employer to get back at workers for filing claims of discrimination and harassment. For example, workplace retaliation includes:

  • Pay cuts
  • Threatening workers
  • Denying promotions
  • Firing workers
  • Moving workers to a more negative position, and more

Has this happened to you? As a result, you may have the right to collect damages from your place of work. So, call the employment lawyers near you at FitzPatrick and Associates, LLC today. We are a team of loyal workplace retaliation lawyers fighting for workers in need. Most importantly, our workplace retaliation lawyers will protect your rights and will help you take action to hold bosses liable. So, for wrongful termination attorneys who care about putting workers rights first, call us today.

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